Death Death Documentary

The Death Death Documentary is a “Greatest Hits” compilation of bumps and stunts from the Backyard Wrestling group; XBA Xtreme Backyard Assault.

It features a licensed soundtrack from Industrial Strength Records, including; Lenny Dee, Delta 9, Moshpit, The Berzerker and more!

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Witness the Shock & Awe of the Xtreme Backyard Assault, it’s almost Snuff like bum fights with comedy skits and jackass stunts. The Documentary also includes the most notable DRUNKEN DEATH MATCH; where 3 intoxicated wrestlers are thrown into a death match, also BURIED ALIVE IN HELL’S PIT, the object is to throw your opponent into a 6 foot grave full of glass!

Grab the DVD and SHOCK your friends and family with the ATTITUDE wrestling lacks today. Don’t Try This At Home, Try it at ours!

Peter Because (camera man) setting up an event
Niven takes a staple gun to the tongue
The XBA Champion; The Desercrator
How high?

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