XBA DARKNESS was originally a house show / raw event once a month leading up to a XBA PPV Event. It would feature light matches and mostly storylines building up the bigger matches / no.1 contenderships and more. In 2020, XBA Director KidCrusher announced that a new web series is in development for Darkness, which will feature selected oldschool matches from XBA between 2001-2005 remastered with brand new audio commentary. It will feature full length matches, which have only originally been released in short clips for the Death Death Documentary, skits and mainly focus on storyline driven events. It is also set to feature new interviews with original members and special guests from around the backyard wrestling world.

DARKNESS is set to complete the XBA legacy before diving deeper into the Backyard Wrestling World with user submitted videos. It is yet to be announced how Darkness will be released or when, but keep checking back!

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